About ACE13

We started JC Motors in 2010 as a regular motorshop. Like everything in life, John doesn’t like to do what everybody already does. So in 2011 he started to build a caféracer. For that he used a BMW R100 and the first out of 25 JCM’s was born! Because this is such a succes, we decided to make some changes within JC Motors.  Now JC Motors.nl is active for, service/repair/overhaul/expertise/restauration and ACE13 will be the customising part of our company. So each bike that will be customised by us will now be an ACE13 special and naturaly the JCM’s will also be represented here as well.

The Garage

Welding, cutting, bending, bead blasting, ultrasonic cleaning etc. the workshop is John’s domain and is well provided. Our own bikes, ACE7, ACE13 and ACE73 are represented in our store as well as the bikes John is working on and the ones that are waiting their turn… You can drink a good cup of coffee or thee at our bar, from there you can perfectly see the workshop and the shop with the accessories and bikes. Housedog Jessie likes to be stroked but her biggest hobby is to sleep…

There are three responses to new motorcycles – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one we aim for.

John & Conny

We are always trying to think outside the box. Over the years there are a lot of these boxes where custom built motorcyles are put in. For instance, Caféracers, Scramblers, Dirt tracker, Bobber etc. We also have build these motorcycles and we still do but it is not our intention to build a bike that is supposed to fit into one of these boxes. Actualy we like to mix some of it and build something different everytime. Maybe someone clever will find a new box to put those bikes into… but most important of all is that we can build things we like, whether it fits in a box or not… Other than the fact that everything is being put in a box, is the question if we like what we see. There is lots to like, or not… But the greatest thing of it all is, that you don’t have to like it all, because we can fix that. For everyone who would love to have a custom built bike, we can build your ACE13 special!