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From our clients

Professionals with fine ideas and customer focused. Just drop by and talk about your hobby motorcycling, just do!

–R. Bontje

We can do it

Whether it’s a big or a small adjustment, anything is possible. Would you like a different rear, with a new customised seat, mono or duo? Or perhaps your bike is just fine but you would like to change your seating position a bit, a different handlebar could already be the solution… New paintjob? No problem! We have already done a lot of work for others who where sooo exited about the result! That’s what gives us energie and a whole lot of fun in what we do. So don’t hesitate to call, email or you can just drop by…We’re here for everyone and any brand!

ACE13 specials

There are a couple of things we do standard when we make an ACE13 special. Engine, gearbox and shaft are completely taken apart, cleaned and reconstructed again. It doesn’t make a difference if you provide or that we deliver a motorbike. We discuss the possibilities/requirements etc. first and when we reach an agreement, a date will be set. Also for these projects, the brand doesn’t matter…but the result does!

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